Week 12 – reflection

This course had an impact on me because I developed my skills with adobe after effects and illustrator. i already knew how to use photoshop on a more advanced level than the other people in the class because i have been using it for years. but to be honest even with illustrator and after effects i learned a bit more about them but it wasnt that much more than i already knew how to use because i already have been using adobe programs for years and i found a lot of the tutorials too easy for me which made me not want to put effort into them.

one of the most important things i realized though in this class is that maybe i can help people with these programs in the future because i realized that a lot of people dont understand how to use these programs, such as after effects, photoshop, and illustrator,  when i find a lot of these concepts basic.



final motion graphics artist statement

this is my final motion graphics assignment. i decided to do game of thrones and i made a low poly wolf by using photoshop because my strength is photoshop and i wanted to take advantage of my strengths. the wolf took the longest for me to create out of the rest of the motion graphics because i had to making tiny little triangles and i must have had at least a hundred layers of triangles.

the low poly was something i had already known how to do and have done in the past so i didnt need to refer to any tutorials. however, for animating the text i did need to look at tutorials. i looked at tutorials to make the text be revealed through the lines. i found it pretty simple as it only required a couple of basic steps even though some of the features were things i hadnt used before (eg. using alpha matte).

my motion graphics follows the crap principles accordingly:

Contrast – the white text is light and contrasts with the dark background

Repetition – the triangles in the wolf are repeated throughout the wolfs head. the colour white is also repeated as it appears in the line in the middle, the text, and the bottom of the wolf

Alignment – following the rule of thirds, there’s nothing in the very center of the screen. everything important is on the left and on the right as to allow the viewer’s eyes to move. the text is also left aligned against the line

Proximity – the text is spaced closely together



Week 8

My response to Professor Pringle’s talk is that what she made is really innovative and is keeping up with how technology is constantly changing by making it interactive. It’s cool because she made the documentary interactive for the iPad, and since everyone uses their phones/tablets nowadays, it’s smart because she would probably get more people to listen to her message by using this platform.

I would reimagine a tv show as an interactive experience by using a different platform like a mobile device and doing something where the audience can choose what scenes to watch like a choose your own adventure kind of.

Motion Graphics

The motion graphics in this are very nice and pleasing to look at. The audio is synced well with the movements which i think is very important because it makes it more addicting to watch and replay.

This motion graphics is an intro for a youtuber named leafyishere. i like the aesthetic of this and the use of lines at the bottom. i also like the colour scheme because it is pleasing to the eye. the choice of audio also added to the aesthetic.

These examples of motion graphics are interesting because some of them combine live action footage with animated motion graphics, like at 0:22.


Album Cover


This is my final album cover design. I made this using both photoshop and illustrator. In photoshop, i manipulated the image by duplicating my original image that i took and rotating it horizontally and vertically to create repitition. i also used non destructive editing to change the brightness, contrast, and colour balance. i made the background black and white by only putting the adjustment layer above that one layer and not anything else. i wanted a grainy,dark, and gloomy feel with my album cover, so my photo is grainy intentionally as an artistic decision. i went onto illustrator afterwards so that i can add the text, which i made into arches and lowered the opacity.

CONTRAST: the grayscale background contrasts with the coloured circles in order to create emphasis onto the center of the image.

REPETITION: the circles create repetition

ALIGNMENT: the pattern is aligned in the center of the photo

PROXIMITY: the circles are all close to each other

Week 5 Lab


So this week we had to use illustrator to create a soap ad. I chose the best font, comic sans, because

graphic design is my passion .

I also found these lemon stock photos from http://www.123rf.com/photo_14893827_lemon-isolated-on-white-background.html

I’m really proud of this because it shows a lot of crap principles. It’s very crappy. Don’t you see the symmetrical balance between the lemons? The focus and emphasis on the comic sans? I don’t think anyone can surpass my graphic design skills. I feel like everyone will want to use the lemony scrubbit soap to wash their eyeballs after they see how good this ad is. I will become a millionaire as everyone buys it instantly.

Oh by the way this is my real one