Yasmins React To RTA 103 Week 1 Lecture!

yesterday i had my first digital media lecture. before this class, my impressions of digital media were that digital media consists of most types of art; graphic design, photography, time based media, etc. the possibilities are endless. however, after this lecture, i realize that digital media is everywhere in todays day and age. it includes things like social media, and the graphic design on everything you touch.

social media is perhaps the biggest example of digital media today. it’s something that everyone has experienced unless you’re actually a DOG in disguise as a human (its sad how non-humans cant experience the internet. i want to know how other gorillas react to a certain meme about a certain gorilla from cincinnati) .

by the end of this course, i think ill be able to further strengthen the executions of my artistic visions. it happens to everybody, when you try making art but the end product is nothing like how it looked like in your head. so by the end of this course i think ill be able to do things more precisely and with more skill by practicing with photoshop, illustrator, and aftereffects.


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