This week we learned about CRAP:




Contrast –> The warm yellow background creates a contrast against the cool blue circle

Repetition –> There is a pattern around the circle; a black and white border.

Alignment –> The circle Arthur is sitting in is aligned in the centre of the frame

–> Centre alignment creates a symmetrical balance

Proximity –> Arthur the aardvark is right underneath the text.

–> Lets the viewer know that Arthur is the name of the smiling aardvark underneath the text


Contrast –> The blue background against Shrek’s green skin.

Repetition –> The colour green is repeated by being shown on Shrek’s skin and on the logo. I like how there isn’t too much repetition going on in this image because it has a minimalistic feel.

Alignment –> The graphic designer chose to put Shrek in the bottom left corner of the DVD.

–> Creates negative space and they used the rule of thirds

–> adds to the minimalistic feel

Proximity –> Shrek is far away from the text, which really symbolizes how deep the movie is. It can symbolize how distant he is from society and how he doesn’t belong and chooses to distant himself from the towns people by scaring them.



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