Week 5 Lecture

I tracked my digital activity for the past 24 hours. What I did online in the past 24 hours was mostly watch videos and look at twitter. I watched a lot of youtube drama mostly because it is entertaining. I realized that I watch more videos online on youtube instead of using my television.

I also used my twitter a lot to tweet about things like

  • youtube drama
  • memes
  • new south park episodes
  • the drama on rupauls drag race

However, I did not use as much social media in the past 24 hours as I usually do, because yesterday I was somehow having a life and went outside and didn’t have time to be on the internet all day. Usually I know I’m online all day, but the past 24 hours was probably like  half the day instead.biggest-online-companies-told-the-truth-sarcastic-infographics-infographics-on-social-media-infographics-cool-infographics-facebook-infographics-new


This infographic is very good and relatable. Especially the points about facebook and twitter, because I also overshare every detail of my private life to strangers, like when I post memes about wanting to die and random people I haven’t talked to since middle school start liking my posts about how sad I am. This makes me feel EXPOSED, but I do it anyways. But why? No one knows or questions why we overshare things on social media, but we just follow along and do it anyways until it consumes us.




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