final motion graphics artist statement

this is my final motion graphics assignment. i decided to do game of thrones and i made a low poly wolf by using photoshop because my strength is photoshop and i wanted to take advantage of my strengths. the wolf took the longest for me to create out of the rest of the motion graphics because i had to making tiny little triangles and i must have had at least a hundred layers of triangles.

the low poly was something i had already known how to do and have done in the past so i didnt need to refer to any tutorials. however, for animating the text i did need to look at tutorials. i looked at tutorials to make the text be revealed through the lines. i found it pretty simple as it only required a couple of basic steps even though some of the features were things i hadnt used before (eg. using alpha matte).

my motion graphics follows the crap principles accordingly:

Contrast – the white text is light and contrasts with the dark background

Repetition – the triangles in the wolf are repeated throughout the wolfs head. the colour white is also repeated as it appears in the line in the middle, the text, and the bottom of the wolf

Alignment – following the rule of thirds, there’s nothing in the very center of the screen. everything important is on the left and on the right as to allow the viewer’s eyes to move. the text is also left aligned against the line

Proximity – the text is spaced closely together




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