Week 5 Lecture

I tracked my digital activity for the past 24 hours. What I did online in the past 24 hours was mostly watch videos and look at twitter. I watched a lot of youtube drama mostly because it is entertaining. I realized that I watch more videos online on youtube instead of using my television.

I also used my twitter a lot to tweet about things like

  • youtube drama
  • memes
  • new south park episodes
  • the drama on rupauls drag race

However, I did not use as much social media in the past 24 hours as I usually do, because yesterday I was somehow having a life and went outside and didn’t have time to be on the internet all day. Usually I know I’m online all day, but the past 24 hours was probably like  half the day instead.biggest-online-companies-told-the-truth-sarcastic-infographics-infographics-on-social-media-infographics-cool-infographics-facebook-infographics-new


This infographic is very good and relatable. Especially the points about facebook and twitter, because I also overshare every detail of my private life to strangers, like when I post memes about wanting to die and random people I haven’t talked to since middle school start liking my posts about how sad I am. This makes me feel EXPOSED, but I do it anyways. But why? No one knows or questions why we overshare things on social media, but we just follow along and do it anyways until it consumes us.




Digital Footprints

The lecture taught me that anything you post online can be tracked. However, my digital footprint is pretty good because my twitter account, for example, does not have my real full name on it so that future employers don’t google me and see a bunch of bad memes. I was always very careful so that I don’t attach my full name to many accounts online because I know that stuff I posted in my teens may not look so good when I’m older.

I think that having a digital footprint can be important if you post serious job related things. However, if your social media accounts are more personal, it’s better to have privacy settings and not attach your real name.




The typography in this image is effective because of the way everything was positioned. They have the main text in bold and in a bigger font, and then everything else is a smaller font coming out of her head which emphasizes the message of the art.



The fonts used in this image are all sans serif (except for the fonts on “like” and “idea”, which is more aesthetically pleasing. They also kept it monochromatic which gave it a consistent colour scheme. Using a variety of different fonts makes it more visually interesting to look at.bad179df1b1a1088ff211c3a88d41071


This poster is for the movie Helvetica, and the poster uses only the helvetica font. It is effective because it emphasizes what the movie is about. They also used colour only on the text for the movie title, which creates contrast and emphasis. It is also a sans serif font.



This week we learned about CRAP:




Contrast –> The warm yellow background creates a contrast against the cool blue circle

Repetition –> There is a pattern around the circle; a black and white border.

Alignment –> The circle Arthur is sitting in is aligned in the centre of the frame

–> Centre alignment creates a symmetrical balance

Proximity –> Arthur the aardvark is right underneath the text.

–> Lets the viewer know that Arthur is the name of the smiling aardvark underneath the text


Contrast –> The blue background against Shrek’s green skin.

Repetition –> The colour green is repeated by being shown on Shrek’s skin and on the logo. I like how there isn’t too much repetition going on in this image because it has a minimalistic feel.

Alignment –> The graphic designer chose to put Shrek in the bottom left corner of the DVD.

–> Creates negative space and they used the rule of thirds

–> adds to the minimalistic feel

Proximity –> Shrek is far away from the text, which really symbolizes how deep the movie is. It can symbolize how distant he is from society and how he doesn’t belong and chooses to distant himself from the towns people by scaring them.